Plate Wall Collage for dining room

Dining Room Wall Decor By Using Wallpaper

Make dining room more be looked beautiful is all hopes for people. Some design can be implemented for make your house can be looked beautiful. Wall is one of big element in a house. The appearance of dining room wall is one of factor for make appearance of dining room looked interesting.  Apply dining room wall decor is one way for make your dining room more beautiful and interesting. In [...]

dining room furniture small spaces

Tips For Dining Room Furniture

Dining room is one of the important rooms in a house. Therefore the design for this room must be pay attention. The dining room furniture that it must have is dining room table and chair where this furniture will be used by us to enjoy foods. And other furniture is like buffet, credenza, and etc. There is dining room that has pantry. It usually cabinet and rack in pantry. Cabinet [...]

Modern Extendable Dining Table plans from Iohanna Pani 3

Dining Room Table Plans for Giving Good Result

Although you are not a carpenter, it doesn’t mean that you can create your own dining table. You only need to explore your ideas and creativity, and get some dining room table plans in home improvement stores. The plans usually have been completed with some instruction guides that will help you to build your own dining table. However, if you don’t feel satisfied with the common plans sold in the [...]

Awesome Elegant Formal Dining Room Decorating Ideas with Upholstered Dining Chairs

Upholstered Dining Room Chairs For Your New Decoration

Dining chair is one of the most important furniture in your dining room. Upholstered dining room chairs is one of the term you can get dining chair that you want as you like it. You can buy anything of dining chair model, and if you never get the chair that you want, you can upholster your dining room by yourself or ask the expert of it. The most important thing [...]

small dining space decorating photos

Small Dining Room Ideas By A Partition

Have you ever thought to redesign or redecorate your dining room? Or is your dining room small? No problem, you can get elegant dining room although your dining room is small. In this article I will give an idea of dining room design idea that will be made your small dining room looked awesome. Dining room which located in behind living room, It will give comfortable atmosphere and also attractive. [...]

Modern Dining Room Tables And Chairs

Dining Room Tables and Chairs: Tips To Choose

The dining room became a gathering place for family members after living room. However, dining room is more personal, because this is where families gather, mingle, and told stories while enjoying their favorite foods. In addition, the dining room can also be a place to entertain guests. To that end, the selection of dining room tables and chairs need proper attention to get a perfect dining room look. Determining the [...]