How to decorate living room walls

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Decorating my living room

To begin with, the color shames of your living room depends on a location of it, whether you have large and central located or small and invisible living room. If you have the first one, it is better for you, to build it in a modern or classical style, starting from Cubism or Abstraction  designs of a dining and ending with farm-décor of a dining room. France Romance require you to use light tones of pink and green. Farmhouse design of a dining room can be made with only wood and other materials, you even cam make decorations for such rooms on your own, using old materials, clothes parts of furniture and some bright paints.

how to decorate my living room

How should I decorate tables in my living room?

Speaking décor of tables, we would like to point out, that such elements of a dining room have to be not only attractive but also really practical. So, first of all, you should thing about comfort, but not only about  beauty. It is more convenient to use wooden tables but not table with glass.

decorating my living room

How to Decorate Your Living Room

You can’t rely on such tables and they can be broken and damage your dining room. You may make some details by yourself, using simple things. Try just to be imaginative and put all your fantasy into reality. If you want to make an unique  table on your own, you may use old boxes. Just decorate it with some pieces of clothes or wooden material and it will look really nice and will have pleasant home atmosphere.

Décor of my living room walls

Moreover, if we are talking about new modern upkeeps, we can’t say that we can imagine our new living room without decorations of walls. French modern designers really appreciate classical design of a living room, including some minimalistic interiors and light colors of  walls. By the way, they like realistic paintings of 19  century, as they think, that it can create special European atmosphere. What is more about wall painting is that you don’t have to paint your walls as much as possible, it might be not as expensive for you to buy wall papers, and by the way, you may choose multicolored wall papers. It might look more bright.

how to decor my living room

How to décor my living room

Coming back to some details of your living rooms, we would like to admit, that the most popular decorations in the whole world are pictures. By the way, you may decorate your living room with additional armchairs. Some furniture can play role as decorations

If you are interested in our article, please use other objects. You may watch through our art- gallery and make up your mind what exactly you want to change in  your dining room and what design you want to have.

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